Local Teen Uses Boy Scout Training to Help Save Crash Victims


Original article from WCNC.com by by DIANA RUGG / NBC Charlotte
Photo credit: Huntersville Fire Department

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — Seven people were injured, two seriously, when two SUVs crashed on Gilead Road in Huntersville Saturday afternoon.

Rescue workers blocked the 8400 block of Gilead Road for an hour-and-a-half while they cleared the wreckage from the crash, which happened in front of Luke Stasky’s home just before 3:30 p.m.

“It was a squeal of the tires and then a loud bang,” said Stasky, 15.  “We knew right away it was a crash.”

Stasky and his father were behind their home building a fence.  They ran to help.  Stasky found a 13-year-old girl trapped in the back of her mother’s SUV, because the passenger-side door wouldn’t open.

While others tried to figure out what to do, Stasky crawled into the car to free the girl.

“It was all smoke and stuff inside the car, and I actually got the side door open,” he said.  Another man helped him move the girl out.

He knew from Boy Scout first aid training that you shouldn’t move a victim that’s not in immediate danger, but the smoke worried him.

“I was just hoping the car wouldn’t catch on fire or anything like that,” he said, “so I was just like, fast as I could, get her out.”

Stasky’s mother and grandmother took over caring for the girl once she was out of the car. 

“She was pretty scared. We helped her out of the car and she just kind of still trying to figure out what had happened,” he said.

Huntersville police are still investigating why the SUV the girl was in crossed the center line before the crash.  Investigators will check her mother’s cell phone to make sure she wasn’t texting, said Sgt. Bryant Gantt.

Police have also not released the victims’ names as of Saturday night, but said all were still in the hospital.  MEDIC had classified two of the injuries as life-threatening after the crash.

Stasky’s and his mother remarked that the accident is a sobering reminder – as Stasky trains to get his own license – that driving is serious business.

“It’s just surprising how quick something can happen,” he said. 

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Local Eagle Scout Will Turner out of Troop 39 Sponsored by Matthews United Methodist Church selected as NRA National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors—As Seen in Boys’ Life Magazine

Local Scouts Josh Nolan and Will Turner made it into the June 2012 issue of Boys’ Life Magazine for being chosen as the 2012 National Rifle Association ambassadors for the BSA!

Many young men and women have their first experience firing a rifle or shotgun in the Boy Scouts of America. But earning these two merit badges is only the beginning. The BSA’s partnership with the National Rifle Association has extended into national jamborees, weekend activities, and countless summer camps. Both the BSA and NRA want the same thing: to teach young men and women how to properly and responsibly engage in shooting sports. That’s why two of the six Brownell’s/NRA National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors for 2012 come from the BSA’s ranks.

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Local Scout Turns His Love for Adventure into a Passion for Search and Rescue

Eagle Scout Austin Timm just celebrated his 24th birthday in April, but already his life has taken twists and turns that were unforeseeable while growing up in the urban environment of his hometown, Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Starting when Austin was a 4-year-old boy, he had what his family thought were inexplicable fears.  He wasted two years of his parents’ money and his time on swimming lessons at the YWCA.  His parents tried diligently to have their young son become a “water safe” swimmer.  Austin was afraid to follow the requests of the swim instructor for fear of his imminent drowning.  He approached anything of height, be it a look-out tower at a National Park, a scenic overlook on a highway, or a balcony in a state capitol building with knees buckling in fear and a long arm’s length distance back from the edge.  He also had an unexplained fear of marble staircases—he’d go up, but not down!  (This fear was so strong, that in the fourth grade, it resulted in his being carried down a staircase over the shoulders of a Naval Cadet at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.)  He even seemed to hate skiing, the one sport that the other family members all enjoyed and looked forward to each year.  Until the age of 6, Austin would ride a chairlift to the top of a Colorado mountain, then take off his ski boots and tell his mom that he was going to walk down in his socks. 

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Charlotte Boy Scout Works to Uncover Historic Cemetery

Article and Video Courtesy of News 14 Carolina

Video and full article—Boy Scout Works to Uncover Historic Cemetery

CHARLOTTE—A Charlotte boy scout is restoring a historic South Park cemetery.

News 14 Carolina first reported about the Saint Lloyd Presbyterian Church Cemetery last October. At that time, many nearby residents did not even know it existed. However with permission from property owners, boy scout Russell Grevera said he is planning to uncover 78 resting places dating back to the 1800’s.

Grevera said when he first walked through the site, just across from the Morrison Apartments, he could not believe it is actually a cemetery. However, he is taking on the two-acre area to earn an Eagle Scout ranking.

"Right away I just kind of envisioned what I wanted it to look like," said Grevera.

After approval from The Grubb Preservation Foundation and the Charlotte Historic Landmarks Commission, Grevera and a couple volunteers began cleaning up the site Saturday. They cleared brush and trash from more than 20 unrecognizable graves.

But to finish the project with pathways and a fence, Grevera said he will need even more volunteers.

"[I need] people to come out and help even if it’s someone who wants to donate $5 or $10, anything will help," said Grevera.

He is hoping to raise around $6,000 to create the landscape that will revive the cemetery’s presence.

"The largest part being signage or a monument telling of what the area is," said Grevera.

Yet beyond making him an Eagle Scout, the cemetery will help the community learn about its own history.

"They can come to the site and they can see..’oh my great great great grandpa lived here and he’s buried here,’" said Grevera.

The next scheduled work day at the cemetery is May 26. In order to find out more, on how to volunteer or donate, click here.

Local Scouts Collect 251,436 Pounds of Food!

Scouting for Food 2012 was a huge success in Mecklenburg County! On Saturday, February 4, Scouts collected 251,436 pounds of food for Loaves & Fishes, a Charlotte-based food pantry that collects and supplies food and groceries to people in crisis. Please Click HERE to read more! Visit the links below for great pictures!

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Local Scout Named Winner in the 2011 Goodworks Youth Awards!

GoodWorks Media Group  announced in November the winners for the ’11 GoodWorks Youth Awards—recognizing outstanding work in the areas of diversity, education and the environment by young people in Mecklenburg County.

Ben Cournoyer of Mallard Creek High School was named the winner of the Education category for starting the Derita Athletic– Troop 13 Peer Tutoring Program. He started this program because two of his teammates were unable to return to the Derita Redskins football team due to academic problems. The tutoring program works with predominantly at-risk African-American youth who play sports with the Derita Athletic Association. He wanted to demonstrate to students that they have the capacity to succeed in school. About 70% of the students improved work in their most troublesome subject by two grade levels. In fact, the first boy Ben worked with is now an honor roll student.

Congrats Ben!